FoodSaver Reviews

It is very important to go through all FoodSaver reviews on the website before finally deciding on one of the models. It is not as easy to decide which of these machines to buy as it seems it will be. The reviews provide you a lot of advice. For example, a customer suggests not keeping sealed bags in the freezer for one of the FoodSaver models. This saves you from fussing and struggling with a new machine. Read on to get the best FoodSaver reviews on top most FoodSaver models.

FoodSaver Reviews

  • FoodSaver V2840 Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer

This stands as one of the best FoodSavers items because it is the most popular FoodSaver among the reviewers.It is rated as four stars on by its users. It could not get five stars due to the flaws in its gaskets. The users find this model to be of good design, and it is sturdy and handy to use. Most of the users have found almost all the features in this FoodSaver to be useful. It does not take much space on your countertop in your kitchen. The most appreciated feature of V2840 is its three-speed setting, plus its removable tray. The removable tray doesn’t get as dirty because of the three speed setting. Muffins, bread and cake can be easily packaged without any damage. This is the most recommended model by FoodSaver users. So, if your kitchen still lacks a FoodSaver you can get it from at $199.99.

  • FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Food Sealer with SmartSeal Technology

If you are thinking that it is worth investing on this machine then you are right. Though it is only the second most well-liked food sealer on this list, it is not devoid of any useful features. Do not check out this item packaging as it has been several hidden features that the box does not depict. It is suggested by this product’s users to read all the instructions before using. Do not forget to get the bag holder accessory with this FoodSaver. You can use it to vacuum-pack crushable items as well. Get the authentic V3835 from

  • FoodSaver V2240 Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer

This is also a strongly recommended product. Customers complain that this product does not allow for the use of Ziploc bags. The other drawback of V2240 is that it stops working quite frequently, demandings ten to fifteen minutes to cool down. Some users find it difficult to package the liquid items. Most people are attracted towards this model because it is cheaper and possesses all of the features of V2840.

  • FoodSaver V3840

According to several users, it is not at all easy to work this product. You can purchase it from at $173.40. The most likeable feature of the V3840 is its stainless steel design. It is manufactured it takes very little space on your kitchen countertop. It can safely pack all kinds of foods, including those that are moist and delicate.

  • FoodSaver Pro III Vacuum Sealing Kit, White

It’s sleeker appearance has an enough capability to catch anybody’s attention. You can get it at $190.00 from According to some users, it can easily pack ice for an emergency. This FoodSaver is great when it comes to the storage of wine. You can easily prevent the conversion of wine to vinegar, it can stay fresh for up to two months.

  • FoodSaver T000-08004 V3460 SmartSeal Vacuum-Sealing Appliance

Experienced cooks say that you have to be careful in inserting the bag to vacuum seal it. It is not as smart as other vacuum sealers. Do not forget to read the directions before using, as it is not so easy to work this product. Cool the heating element of the machine prior to its seal.

  • FoodSaver V2222 Vacuum Sealer Kit

Get this product from at $69.95. There are several users who appreciate its compact size and easy operation. It also has crush free control, which helps in the vacuum packaging of soft and delicate products. It provides the strongest seal with the assistance of the double-wide sealing strip. They provide you an antibacterial dip tray for when packaging sterile foods.

  • FoodSaver V2450 Vacuum Sealer Kit

It also provides you two sealing systems for packaging both moist and dry foods. You can keep your finger on this product for its easy latch and lock operation. It provides a crush free instant seal. Get it from at $169.95. It is reviewed by several users and retains higher than a four star rating.

  • FoodSaver FSFRSH0055 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum-Sealing System

Well, the customer’s reviews say the following things. It creates a perfect vacuum seal. It also provides you reusable containers and bags (provided you do not store something oily in these containers) for a great benefit of this model is its low price. Users are also advised not to keep the sealed bags in the freezer, as it can lose its sealant. It is very popular among home-makers. Get the authentic model from at $18.99.

  • Foodsaver Smartseal V3485 Brushed Stainless Steel and Black

This is also one of the most popular models on and However, users complain about its obsolete parts. It stands among the top FoodSaver items and is very cheap. Its upright design is highly appreciated. Unfortunately, it has a poor automatic bag sensing mechanism. provides you this product at a low rate– $147.00.

To help you in getting your best FoodSaver, here is a comparison of various models

2840 3835 2240 Pro III 3460 2222 2450 Handheld 3485
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
speed setting
Heat seal
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Cutter Yes Yes Yes
sealing strip
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
food setting
Yes Yes Yes
Bag detection
Yes Yes
Marinate Capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
drip tray
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy

Go through the table above to check to see whether your FoodSaver model covers all of your needs or not. FoodSaver V3840 model includes all the features of Pro III. For further information you can read the FoodSaver reviews through the buy now links given for each model in above given comparison table.

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  1. Barb says:

    I have a V 3840 and it is no good. You waste at least 2 inches of bad for a seal. The bags are also cheapen and thinner than before making it almost impossible for a seal. I can not believe how cheap food saver has become. I am not recommending this product to anyone.

  2. theresa babin says:

    If your looking to buy a foodsaver go for the cheap one as the V3840 is the worst one that I’ve had(this is my 3rd) I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy. The machine does not work properly (Leaves a lot of air) ‘even though it literAly S–KS.The bags are cheaply made(MADE IN CHINA) . SAVE SOME MONEY AND GO BUY ANOTHER BRAND OF BAGS AND SOME STRAWS AND YOU’LL GET JUST AS GOOD RESULTS.

  3. Jeff says:

    Its obvious to me Theresa Babin you cannot use this machine properly. It does not leave any air if done correctly. I have sealed and resealed the same bag IE Coffee beans etc with no problems If I could post a pic here it would certainly shoot down your negative comments that have no basis other than you don’t know how to use it or you don’t read directions. I have also sealed meat as well IE ground beef for three weeks and it looked like it just came out of the store. and was just as moist of freshly bought. Your review is bogus with no basis want pics to prove it?

  4. Lorie says:

    Do not buy the Foodsaver-waste of money. I bought one and so did my father in law-stoped sealing on both of our machines. We both bought bags and canisters- Lots of money down the drain.

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