FoodSaver V3020 Review

According to Oscar Wilde, “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” FoodSaver V3020 is one of the few excellent investments that will provide you huge returns. With a FoodSaver, you can buy foods in bulk, which saves you half of the real value of the foodsaver. You can cook in bulk, which saves you time. The kitchen is the most expensive part of your house. So, it is a smart decision to have a FoodSaver.

Features of FoodSaver V3020

FoodSaver V3020 review

  • The new model of FoodSaver V3020 is designed by its manufacturers so that it occupies less space on your countertop.
  • Easy lock-latch operation.
  • It has built-in, large control buttons, which are easy to use.
  • It has two sealing levels for different types of foods. One for soft and delicate food items like bread and another for liquid contents.
  • It provides the strongest seal due to its double-wide sealing strip.

FoodSaver V3020: The efficient way to make it last.

FoodSaver V3020 review

This kitchen gadget can efficiently pack your food. It reduces oxygen, which allows food to last longer, while maintaining its nutritional value. It claims to keep food fresh 5x longer in comparison to conventional foodsavers. The biggest advantage of the FoodSaver V3020 is that you can keep your food in containers of various shapes and sizes. There are several types of storage items containers- plastic bags, canisters, jars and bottles. Choose according to the type of food.

How to use FoodSaver V3020 to its fullest potential?

  • Keep it on your kitchen’s countertop so you can grab it whenever you require it.
  • Think of some marinating dishes and use this product to do it. The FoodSaver can marinate very quickly. Do not forget to utilize this function in the FoodSaver V3020.

FoodSaver V3020 Review by its users

Intelligent customers go through the reviews before making their purchase. There are several websites where you can find reviews beforehand. Some of them include:

Helpful reviews state that you must have a FoodSaver V3020 in your kitchen.

Review by Shoppingmom from Denver, CO:  “This product was easy to use and does not take up a lot of space. Food lasts a lot longer which makes my grocery bill a lot nicer. I would definitely recommend this product.”

This user rated FoodSaver V3020 as five stars. According to her it is scores completely on appearance, retaining the freshness of the food and the product is easy to use.

Review by catlady from Pasadena, Texas: “I have been using the food saver for years. I first bought one that had to be pressed down and held down on both sides. I have arthritis in my hands and needed one that I didn’t have to press and hold down. This hands free sealer is much, much easier to use. I bought it on sale at a very good price. I would recommend it to anyone that has arthritis in the hands.”

Reviews which criticizes FoodSaver V3020

Every product has its own drawback. You must have a look on them so that you can decide which features you require the most in your appliance.

Review by kay79: “I loved it when i got this. Used it for everything. I have had it a year and now it won’t vacuum. It will seal it, but that’s it.”

According to her, this product is not durable. It has lost its feature of vacuum. Any ways, one must also confirm whether they are reviewing the used product or a new one. For the remaining reviews, visit

FoodSaver V3020 review 

You can order it online from as this site provides authentic products. It costs you only $70.00 for a brand new FoodSaver and $20.99 for a second hand product. You can also locate the store nearest you that has this product with the help of the store locator on Some stores are: Costco, Walmart and Target, to name a few.

“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery.” Therefore, think before emptying your wallet. According to several FoodSaver V3020 reviews, it is one of the cheapest products with all the required features. It holds five stars from its 10 reviewers. This clearly shows that it is a good product, even though it costs less. So, add additional space on your kitchen countertop to reduce the mess ahead.

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