FoodSaver V840

If you are among those who love buying in bulk then this kitchen appliance is for you. There are several advantages of bulk shopping. The first one is that it saves money. The next reason is that it is must for your family. The most important matter of concern for bulk items is that they hardly stay fresh for a long period of time. The question which always comes up is how we should save our food from getting stale. FoodSaver V840 is the answer to every question. It’s better to spend on a helpful appliance, rather than fretting for a long period of time.

Working of FoodSaver V840

Food stales because of the presence of air. Vacuum sealing removes all the air from the containers. The presence of air enhances the growth of algae, fungi and bacteria, which leads to the contamination of food. Vacuum sealing also prevents freezer burn. A properly sealed food item lasts for 5 timese longer than conventional ways of packing. We can save ground meat for one year with vacuum sealing, in contrast to the four months of conventional storage methods.  We cannot say that with vacuum sealing food stays fresh forever, but the time period increases. The other advantage of the FoodSaver V840 is that it is very easy to use.

How to use the accessory hose? Watch the following video.

FoodSaver V840 kit includes the following items.

  • FoodSaver Bags: 12 quart size, 5 pint size and 4 gallon size. These are made up of a material that is durable and easy to clean. You can use other bags for keeping your food. Suppose potato chip bags, which are manufactured specifically for this purpose. These bags are provided with this appliance just to give you the first hand feel of the appliance. Later you have to purchase for more items.
  • FoodSaver Rolls: The best part of using rolls instead of bags is that you can adjust their size according to the content. The roll contains a large amount of plastic, which lasts for a longer period of time.
  • One 1 1/2 quart vacuum canister: You can vacuum seal several liquid items in these canisters such as salsa, soup, etc.
  • Accessory Hose: This is the only connection between the canister or jar and the vacuum sealer. Without this you cannot seal the canister, jar, bottles or cans. To keep the hose tangle free, the vacuum sealer also contains the holder to hold the hose.
  • Instructional DVD: Normally, a machine provides an exhaustive reading manual to its customer. The FoodSaver V840 instead provides the manual in video form. This makes easy for you to learn the process of working the machine.
  • According to some reviews by its buyers, they also provide you $100 in coupons to replace the accessories its parts if they get damaged. The coupon has no expiration date.

Advantages of FoodSaver V840

  • It is easy to work this product.
  • The latest model of FoodSaver V840 allows for hands free processes. You do not have to press and hold the button for a long time, like with the older models.
  • It is not at all noisy like other FoodSavers.
  • It’s “seal only” feature only seals the contents and does not vacuum it. It is used in cases where contents would get damaged under high pressure.
  • “Instant seal” feature is used when we have to stop the vacuum process to seal the bag. This is used for fluid contents such as sauce and soft items such as bread.

To buy it or not

FoodSaver V840

Prior to buying, go through the reviews by its users. Reviews and ratings are very stoic and pragmatic. They have enough dependibility to provide you the reality of any product. Some sites like and are worth visiting before going to shop for a FoodSaver. There are only six customer reviews on for the FoodSaver V840. Such scarce reviews clearly suggest that product is not very reliable in comparison to other FoodSavers such as V2840.

Review by Karen (Chicago, IL): “I bought the food saver because I was throuwing away too much stuff and it is already beginning to pay for itself. The instructions claim that you push down to get it started and then release but I find that I have to keep pressure on it to get it to work but it is not that big of a deal. This package included a handheld unit that is the same as the winesaver, and so I have the bottle stoppers. It was the best price I found.”

It cost you just $99.99. Keep checking out to get the current price of this model. It is the best site to get authentic products.

The FoodSaver V840 is a good food sealer at an affordable price with all of the required features. So, as long as it is favorable to you in terms of its price range, you should get it.

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  1. Mary Pestalitz says:

    My slide cutter on my V840 machine broke and I would like to get replacement parts. The whole slide cutter fell out of the machine. The slot it goes in is in perfect shape as the machine is but the cutter fell out in pieces. I’m sure this should easily snap in place if I had the parts to put on it. Can I still get the slide cutter parts?

    Love the machine. This is my second machine. Been a Food Saver die hard for some years. My sister has one and we got one for our mother for Christmas a few years back and she too became a Food Saver commercial. All three of us swear by the machine and tell anyone who expresses interest in saving money on food about the Food Savers.

    Thanks so much and hope I can still get the parts.

    Mary in Jacksonville, Florida

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